Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watch IPL Matches Live on Youtube (Google India and IPL Sign Deal)

Watch IPL Matches Live on Youtube (Google India and IPL Sign Deal): "

Google India and IPL have signed a deal which will allow the latest IPL cricket matches to be streamed live on Youtube.

As per the terms of the agreement, Google will have exclusive online rights for IPL content for two years and both Google and IPL will jointly share revenues from sponsorships and advertising.

The third edition of the IPL (Indian Premier League), will happen between 12th March and 25th April 2010.

Under the IPL deal, YouTube will broadcast 60 matches over 45 days live in the 2010 IPL season through a dedicated channel at YouTube claims that this is the first major sporting event to be streamed across the globe.

Apart from streaming the matches live on Youtube, Google will also host special IPL branded Orkut community which will allow community members to chat live with the Man of the Match and also watch clips of highlights and other special video content on Youtube mobile.

While the value of the deal is not known, IPL originally sold its internet rights to the Dubai-based company netlinkblue for $50m over 10 years.

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